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Town of Woodstock, NY, Colony of the Arts - June 2001

Considered as one of the top 100 artists of the 20th century on the Town of Woodstock, NY, Colony of the Arts The Katharine "Kotty" Wangler On-Line Gallery

The World & I magazine - June 1997

The World & I: A Division of the Washington Times.

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Woodstock Times - December 28, 1995

By Dakota Lane

"People are seldom alone in Roswita Szyszka's paintings, ar least on the evidence of her solo show at the Woodstock Artists Association. They are often accompanied by another, wheter a complementary figure or darkly opposing soul."

"Some of her figures look as if they were painted on glass and then shattered and cracked; others are contained within a world of expanded possibilities."

Woodstock Times - August 19, 1993

Art Notes: Refracted Captives

"An oil painting by Roswita Szyszka, "Prisoners of the Prism" is currently on view behind the bar at Callahan's Restaurant. This piece, a translucent, glowing semi-abract depiction of two reversed figures".

Evening Observer - June 7, 1993

by Gerald Mead, Buffalo, Burchfield Art Center

"Rounding out the exhibition are portraits by Roswita Szyszka which the artist describes asbeing the results of an emotional exploration of three dimensional form, linear extension, flat patterns, plans, volume, movement, tension, dynamics of mas, line and spatial relationships. The entry piece to the exhibition, Szyszka's large-scale "Prisoners of the Prism", has all this and more".

Woodstock Times - March 20, 1992

By Tinker Twine

"Szyszka evokes a mysterious mood. She describes her creative process as an altered state of emotion. "I go a step beyond the positive so you can feel yourself into the next dimension." It works. "I suck you into the negative," she adds with a laugh."

Artspeak - December 1991

By Abraham Ilein

"The human view is ideally represented by Roswita Szyszka's conte crayon female nudes in interiors. They all bathe in a light orange brown that underscores the strange languor of the scenes."

Woodstock Times - November 27, 1991

Photo by-line

"Drawings by Roswita Szyszka, executed with conte crayon and depicting the nude in a variety of settings, were recently in a group show at Ariel Gallery in Manhattan. Szyszka, a resident of Woodstock, employs fragmentary, broken-up cubistic strokes to obtain the softly focused appearance of her images: the drawings as a whole are frank and articulate, with a major concentration on subtle shading."

Artspeak - September 1991

By Will Grant

"Roswita Szyszka presents a figure in an interior in modern terms, such as post cubist, that are well disciplined and serene, yet have the sensuality of reality."

Woodstock Times - August 15, 1991

By Lei Isaacs

"Roswita Szyszka's nude "Adversity" is a strong study is sepia and red tones, with qualities of a well-executed and perceptive sketch that capture the classic art of understatement without barrenness."

Artspeak - March 1991

By S.K. Flint

"Roswita Szyszka depicts sensual female nudes in broad strokes of conte crayon, authoritatively delineating their ample volumes."

Woodstock Times - September 7, 1989

By Dakota Lane

"Roswita Szyszka's sculptural conte crayon drawing depicts in rust a figure amid wreckage. She could be a bag lady, or it could be moving day at the art studio. The block forms wrought in dreamlike sophisticated textures could be buildings or canvases. The mood is one of easy unrest, fluid change and movement."


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