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Artist's Bio

Roswita Szyszka was born Roswita E. Schilli on April 5th of 1955. Growing up with her bilingual family (World War II refuges from Austria) in Chicago, Illinois, she learned English and German.

Starting art at the early age of 8, she quickly progressed to oil painting by the time she was only 14 years old. By 17 years old, Roswita won the - Scholastic Art Achievement Award, and was a Buckingham Fountain Art Contest Finalist in Chicago, IL,

Roswita later went on to study art on a professional level at the American Academy of Art (1973 - 1976) in Chicago.

Married to Michael C. Szyszka in 1977, she adopted the surname, and raised two sons: David M. Szyszka and Eric S. Szyszka. After her children were born she resigned her job as a professional graphic artist in Chicago.

Roswita and family later moved to Woodstock, New York in 1986. This is where the most of her body of work was created and unique style emerged. Roswita still resides in Woodstock and continues to paint to this day.


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